What Are Automotive Thermostats?

When you are taking care of your automobile, there are some things that you may not know even exist, let alone how they work or if you ever need maintenance on them. Automotive thermostats may not be thought about often, but they can be extremely important to the proper functioning of your car. Here is some information about this car equipment such as what it does and what you may need to know about it.

The thermostat in your vehicle serves two main purposes; first, it helps your engine warm up more quickly. This can be especially important in the colder weather because the cold could affect the functioning of the engine. The other function that the thermostat does is regulating the temperature by determining when it is time to release more coolant. This prevents the engine from overheating and, consequently, shutting down.

Automotive thermostats work by remaining closed when the engine is cold. This restricts flow to the radiator so that the engine can get warmer. As it warms, the wax on the piston of the thermostat begins to melt and expand, which pushes on the piston. As the piston moves out, the thermostat opens so that coolant can flow through to the engine. One the engine begins to cool down, the wax contracts again, closing the thermostat.

There are several potential factors if you think that your thermostat isn’t working correctly. For example, debris getting into the valve or a spring in the valve breaking could force it to stay open, which keeps the engine too cool. The wax could also be damaged, making the thermostat unable to open.

When you think that something is wrong with your engine or your coolant system, or especially both simultaneously, the problem may lie in your automotive thermostats. As these pieces of equipment help to regulate the engine temperature, it should be important to get them looked at the moment you suspect there may be a problem. Visit Motoradusa.com for more details.

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