What a Truck Accidents Lawyer in Queens County, NY Can Do for You

Major truck accidents occur just about anywhere there is a lot of traffic, such as in a congested city or out on the interstate highways. Many people find themselves in an accident with a truck, such as a tractor-trailer in the cities in the state of New York. A truck accidents lawyer in Queens County, NY is prepared to help clients who have been involved in an accident with a truck and wants them to know what their options are. Here is a look at the law regarding truck accidents in New York.

New York Truck Accident Law

When a person is in an accident with another car in New York, they should know that New York is a “no-fault” state, which means that each party is responsible of negotiating with their own insurance company to pay for injuries and damages to the vehicle. However, if the injury is substantial, such as a missing limb, or disfigurement, the injured person has the right to look to the other party for the liabilities. With trucks, the matter becomes a bit more complex.

More About New York Truck Accident Law.

The injured party can sue the owner of the truck or the employer (if it applies), especially if the truck driver was negligent or the truck was in disrepair. Parties who choose to file a lawsuit must keep in mind that New York allows three years from the date of the accident to file the lawsuit in a civil court. It may also be that the truck driver’s representative may try to prove that the claimant was partly at fault, so the claimant must be cautious.

A Law Firm for Truck Accident Law in New York

After an accident with a truck in New York, there are many attorneys and law firms who will take the case to help the injured party. Business Name is a law firm in the Queens County, New York area that represents clients involved in truck accidents. Anyone interested in talking to a truck accidents lawyer in Queens County, NY can contact this law firm. For more information Domain URL.

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