Whale Watching-The Experience of a Lifetime

No matter how many movies, pictures, or documentaries you have seen about whales, nothing will quite prepare you for when you experience a whale up close and personal, in their natural environment. Whale watching is the experience of a lifetime. When you take a tour on a boat to experience whale watching in Southern California, you can enjoy watching the whales breach, dive, do a whale handstand or some of the other delightful feats in their repertoire of activities. These gentle but massive giants of the ocean will literally astound you, if not terrify you just a little bit as well. And with good reason, whales are the largest mammals ever known to have existed and weighing up to 200 tons and floating past you in water at a massive 100 feet in length.

Experience Whale Watching by Taking a Boat Tour
There are numerous species that you may encounter on a boat which include Dall’s porpoises, northern right whale dolphins, Pacific white-sided dolphins, short-beaked common dolphins, elusive minke whales, and fin whales. While on a whale watching tour you also may encounter other marine life such as many species of fish like mola mola, blue sharks, basking sharks, jellyfish, giant elephant seals, shy harbor seals, sea lions, and dozens of species of sea birds. The captain is knowledgeable and experienced and will narrate the trip so you will have a better understanding about all these beautiful ocean creatures. If you have any questions there will also be expert naturalists on board that will be more than happy to answer them. The captain is very careful not to disturb any animals on their trips, but most of the porpoises, dolphins, and whales are playful and curious and will approach the boat.

Make a Reservation for Whale Watching in Southern California Today
If you are someone that loves an adventure and enjoys trying something new and different then whale watching is definitely for you. Whale watching is offered all year round and will give you a chance to experience something like never before. You will have the opportunity to see many different species of whales and other animals that love the water. Make a reservation for whale watching in Southern California today by visiting the website of Condor Express!

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