Ways to Minimize the High Cost of Funerals in Oceanside Ca

The high costs of funerals are rising sharply each year. The reality is that these services will always be needed so pricing is out of control. Coffins are a prime example. All that is legally required for burial is a basic pine box. Grieving family members often feel the need to purchase coffins that look impressive with deluxe features and ornate embellishments. Told the high priced coffins will honor the deceased and be a symbol of prestige, pressure is placed on families to spend exorbitant amounts of money.

Other High Costs

The process of embalming is required for any viewing and burying. Use of the funeral home for two separate viewings, plus a ceremony is costly. Massive amounts of flowers are expensive, as our programs, sign-in books, and memorial cards. Transportation costs from the funeral home to the burial site are also added to the total.

Most families feel obligated to have a meal, or at least refreshments, offered to attendees after the burial. That can consist of anything from coffee and biscuits at the home of a relative, to a catered affair. Than there is the tombstone to purchase. It comes as no surprise that, just like everywhere else, Funerals in Oceanside Ca can cost several thousands of dollars.

Reduce Costs

The best way to reduce costs is to pre-plan final arrangements. The most immediate advantage is that it locks in current prices. Once a funeral or cremation is pre-paid, the agreement indicates that those particular services will be performed at those prices. That means that when that person dies, even if it is twenty years into the future, no more costs can be added for the original arrangements.

Pre-planning is also a more practical experience where people are not exhausted, stressed, and grieving. Alive and well, individuals tend to go with the basics and skip the elaborate and unnecessary extras that can be so expensive. More and more people are opting for cremation rather than traditional burials, which can reduce costs depending on elements selected.

If there is to be a viewing prior to cremation, along with a ceremony and a burial of the urn, cremations can cost as much as Funerals in Oceanside Ca. Consider a direct cremation to minimize total costs. The family can elect to have some sort of memorial service at a later date.

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