Waukesha Pump Distributors: Selling Quality And Durability

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services

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Waukesha is a name the industry trusts. When it comes to sanitary positive rotary pumps, companies can rely on them. In fact, waukesha pump distributors sell them globally. Today, you can find their pumps working stolidly and solidly in various industries around the world. These pumps are surely the workhorses of the pump industry. The basic types or models are Universal 1 and Universal 2.

A Brief History

In 1933, the company of Waukesha Pumps began to operate in Waukesha, WI. A small affair it was to grow with time and energy as the company began to develop a reputation for its products. It remained independent under the name of Waukesha Fluid Handling until 1995 when it merged with Cherry-Burrell Process Equipment. By this time, Waukesha pump distributors recognized the products as being:

 * Durable
 * Efficient
 * Flexible
 * Reliable
 * Sanitary
 * Safe
 * Suitable

The merger with Cherry-Burrell Processing Equipment did nothing to mar this reputation; in fact, it increased their capabilities since Cherry-Burrell while reputable makers of pumps brought to the table their capabilities for producing quality

 * Clamps
 * Dispersion equipment
 * Filters
 * Heat exchangers
 * Nuts
 * Valves

By then, United Dominion, originally a Canadian company dating from the late 1800s with interests in construction had acquired from Paxall, Inc, along with a slew of other industries, a maker of processing and packaging equipment. This was Cherry-Burrell and the year was 1975. The relationship was to be an extended one. Cherry-Burrell remained with United Dominion until, in 2001, SPX acquired United Dominion.

Today the Waukesha Pump, Distributors and Market Perspectives

Today, the Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand combines the best of the two companies. It offers components made with precision working within quality pumps and other processing equipment. With facilities still in facilities in Wisconsin, as well as California and New York, the company continues to make its presence felt globally. Waukesha Cherry-Burrell continues to innovate, continually taking the already excellent sanitary pumps and other products and enhancing them with better and improved features and/or services.

With gentle low shear and large cavities for liquids, it is little wonder even those in the assiduous wine industry, opt for Waukesha Universal Series Pumps. The same diligence is true of others in dairy, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries rely on these pumps. As Waukesha pump distributors know – these pumps have been a leader in the sanitary displacement pump business for more than 50 years and will continue to do so for another 50.

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