Water Damage Restoration in Cheyenne, WY Gets Rid of Odors

While it can be upsetting to experience a flood, the aftermath can cause concern too. Whether you experience several feet of water or just a few inches in the basement, the mess is still there. One of the major problems that occurs is the moldy and musty smell that a flood or leak leaves in its wake. That is why contacting a service that handles water damage restoration in Cheyenne, WY is essential. They can help you get rid of both the dampness and odors.

Why You Experience a Musty and Moldy Smell

The first thing that is done to remove any sort of smell is to get rid of any trickles, leaks, standing water, or general dampness. The smell of mold and mildew occurs because both mold and mildew are forms of fungi that is spread by airborne-type spores. The growths normally thrive in poorly ventilated or dark and wet locations.

Water damage restoration professionals such as Rocky Mountain Restoration remove the smell of mold and mildew by ventilating a site and drying it out entirely using a vacuum that sucks up standing water. Fans are also used to dry out the dampness and dehumidifiers may be used to extract the moisture from the air.

Thoroughly Clean Out the Area

Because mold has a tendency to spread through spores in the air, you still need to remove everything from the area and dry it out completely. Also, it is best to get rid of anything that is wet or damp and shows signs of mold or mildew. Cleaning any items that have been affected in this way takes a lot of effort so if an item does not hold any real value sentimentally or financially, it is better to get rid of it.

Again, when you set up an appointment with a water damage restoration company, the technicians can assist you in getting rid of the dampness and odor that accompanies a flood or leak. In most instances, you will find that a good flow of air is the primary key to success. Keep this in mind when you are cleaning a site that contains a musty or offensive smell.

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