Visit a Ballroom Studio To Learn the Tango Dance Kingwood TX

“Dancing With the Stars” and YouTube videos have brought ballroom dancing back to the forefront of public consciousness today in a way that wasn’t expected even a decade ago. Newlywed couples want to wow their guests with their first dances at their weddings and guests want to enjoy the music of live bands that haven’t been part of celebrations until recently. However, since dance classes are no longer part of a child’s training, what’s a couple to do? Thanks to dance studios, adults can get in step quickly as they learn to move about the dance floor.

Anyone familiar with the early 20th century knows that the tango was the hot dance of the era. Like many of today’s hip-hop moves, the tango was considered risque for its time. Today, however, the dance has earned respectability and is a staple of ballroom dancing. Learning the Tango Dance Kingwood TX isn’t difficult if a couple has a good teacher and time to practice before they give their “performance” at a wedding or party. The dance, which is believed to have originated in Argentina but may have earlier roots in Spain, is considered a smooth dance with a sophisticated pattern of movement unlike the European and American dances of their day. The position in which couples held each other very closely was also scandalous for its time. Of the various dances that became popular in the early 1900s, the tango retains its place as one of the top dances today.

Learning to do the tango can be difficult, but practice and the advice of a good teacher help. One of the most important components of the dance is the couple’s embrace. It’s important that the dominant dancer holds his or her partner firmly but loosely. Good posture is also a key component of doing the dance properly. Since the less dominant partner is bent backward during the dance, the dominant partner needs to stand as straight as possible to avoid injury. Learning the steps of the tango requires repetition. It’s recommended that a couple practices the steps individually before trying the dance together.

A couple looking for a way to learn the Tango Dance Kingwood TX wouldn’t go wrong in choosing to visit Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Committed teachers and practice time will help them prepare to amaze family and friends at the next party or wedding they attend.

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