Venturing Out to Look for Apartments for Rent near Your University

As an upper-level college student, you may be excited about not having to live in the dormitories. You eagerly look forward to living in your own place away from campus.

However, before you venture out to look for a new place to live, you need to know what qualities to look for in an apartment. You can use several tips to help you find the best UNC-Chapel Hill apartments for rent to move into before the start of the semester.


When you search for new apartments to move into, you need to consider their location and proximity to your university. You may not want to have to drive all the way across town to go to classes. Instead, you may prefer to bike or walk to campus instead of taking your car and paying for parking.

With that, UNC-Chapel Hill apartments for rent that are close to campus may appeal to you more as a student. You can easily get to and from campus without having to drive or deal with traffic.


As a college student, you may not have the most generous of budgets. You need to look for a place that is priced for university students. You can lease an apartment that you can afford with your wages or student financial aid package each semester.

Learn more about finding UNC Chapel Hill apartments for rent. Contact Lark Chapel Hill today.

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