Vacherie LA Farmers Depend on Agronomic Services for Success

Since the 1840s, Vacherie, LA has been known for its agriculture; several famous plantations, including the Oak Alley, Felicity, and St. Joseph plantations are in and around Vacherie. Just like in the old plantation days, cotton, corn, and sugarcane are still grown in Vacherie, as well as soybeans and pecans.

Also just like in the old days, pests can decimate crops. The classic Lousiana pest is the cotton bollworm, also known today as the corn earworm and the soybean pod worm. As you can see, this one insect can destroy any crop grown around Vacherie. That makes pest management services in Vacherie LA, vital to every farmer in the region.

Insect pests must be controlled before planting, and before and after harvest. The fact is, reducing both the potential for weeds and insects can help to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Fortunately, Vacherie farmers today have many more options to effectively control pests than the old plantation owners. Pest management services in Vacherie, LA, employ educated agronomists to assess traditional and emerging threats to crop health. With their help, farmers can develop a plan of action to keep their crops, and their livelihood, safe from pests.

Agronomic services in Vacherie not only provide solutions to weed and pest control but can also recommend hardier new seed varieties. Working with an agronomic specialist can bring a farm in Vacherie, LA, to the next level of success.

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