Using Cable Tie Bases for Industrial Applications

As with any industry, there is a need to organize and manage cables. Some areas, such as data cable management, require some type of cable management system. However, their cable management system will not work for other industries such as automotive, aerospace, or even a machine shop. These industries need something more robust due to the size of the cables.

Cable tie bases for larger cables can be mounted using a stud welder gun. They are guaranteed to stay in place because the mount is welded to the base plate. These cable tie bases are utilized for large cables that need to stay put.

If you are looking to manage the cables in your shop, then it is best to use industrial strength cable tie bases to secure heavy-duty cables. These sturdy mounts can solve just about all your electrical problems. They install fast, are uniform, and very adaptable.

Mounting the bases are easy. Just use a stud welding gun, and they can be installed in as little as five seconds. Then just insert the appropriate size zip tie in the base and run the cable and wrap the zip tie around the cable and through the base then secure the zip tie.

These unique fasteners attach easily to just about any type of metal. They can be mounted almost anywhere and even in difficult positions such as ceilings, around corners, and under machinery.

In addition, they are less expensive than other cable systems. Typical applications include the auto industry, aerospace, military applications, the trucking industry, and hospitals.

Using a cable tie base is important any industrial areas where the chance of injury is high. The chances of people tripping over cables are high. Using a cable management system that locks the cables in place will help reduce the risk of industrial accidents.

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