Useful Things to Know When Choosing an Umbrella

When choosing a folding umbrella, there are some factors to consider. Length and spread may be a factor as well as style. You may also want to take into consideration what purpose your umbrella should serve. Keep reading to learn a little more about each factor and how they can impact the choice of an umbrella.

Length and Spread

The length and spread of an umbrella are equally important. The width, or spread, of the umbrella canopy, can be designed to cover a single user or several people at once. When making a selection, it’s important to note how many people will be using the umbrella together and how often. The length may also be an important thing to consider. The user may need the umbrella to fold small for storage. Taller users may also desire a longer handle when the umbrella is open.


A folding umbrella can serve some purposes. In most cases, an umbrella is used to keep dry in the rain, but on some occasions, it may also be used to provide shade in the sun. It’s important to note which use the umbrella will be put to more often as lighter colored umbrellas may stay cooler on sunny days.


Durability is an important aspect of an umbrella. It will need to be able to handle being transported a variety of ways, strong winds, various types of weather, and even occasionally being dropped. When looking for umbrellas try choosing those made out of quality materials when considering your selection.

Choosing a folding umbrella is just a matter of finding one that suits your needs. Select an umbrella based on durable materials, a size that feels right for you, and a design you enjoy. Remember umbrellas can serve a variety of purposes including keeping you dry and providing shade in the sun. Contact Raintec Umbrella for more information!

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