Used Cars for Sale in Billings MT Have Much to Offer

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Automotive

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Is it time to go shopping for cars? This is an exciting time, but you may get a bad case of “sticker shock” if you look at many brand new models. Thankfully, you can shop for good used cars for sale in Billings MT and get an excellent deal. In fact, here are some reasons to consider pre-owned vehicles over new ones.


It’s true, once a new car leaves the lot its value drops. Some experts claim that most new vehicles lose about 20 percent of their value after one year and 15 percent annually for several more years. This means a $25,000 car is worth about $20,000 after the first year. If you plan to keep your new car less than five years, this depreciation is like throwing money away.

Buying a pre-owned car a few years old eliminates much of the depreciation, and you get more for your money.


Because used cars for sale in Billings MT cost less than new, you’ll enjoy easier financing terms. In fact, you’ll have a lower car payment, and this makes it easier to meet your budget each month.

Credit Problems

Are you young with not much of a credit history? Perhaps you made some late payments in the past. Qualifying for a new car loan is sometimes difficult without excellent credit. On the other hand, reputable pre-owned car dealers offer easy financing, so that most people can qualify for a car loan.

Perfect Second Vehicle

Does your family need another car? Maybe you’d like a pickup truck for hauling a boat or materials. Your son or daughter may need a car. If you already have a new car payment, you probably can’t afford a new truck or another new car payment. Instead, used cars for sale in Billings MT are the best option.

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