Upgrade To Superior Quality YG 1 Cutting Tools

No matter how carefully you plan and execute a milling or machining task, poor quality tools can result in a lower quality or inferior final product. To address this issue, it is essential to select a tool supplier that offers state of the art tools for all types of applications.

One of the most recognized companies providing top quality cutting tools is YG-1. This company is based in Chicago but has manufacturing facilities in other countries besides the United States. This includes in Ireland, China and South Korea. Currently, YG 1 cutting tools are sold into 53 different countries and are used by machine shops where quality is a priority.

The company produces drills, end mills, inserts, taps, toolholders and complete tooling systems designed to be modular or quick-change. They offer an amazing array of different tools with over eight thousand different items produced at the current time. The company’s goal is to continue to be the fastest growing company in the machining and metal cutting tool industry.

Quality Manufacturing

While the corporate goal may be to continue to be the fastest growing company in this sector, it is not at the risk of limiting quality. The quality control built into the manufacturing of their cutting tools is one of the top in the industry, providing long-lasting, durable, quality tools that have value.

There are different lines offered in YG 1 cutting tools. One of the most often used in a wide range of metal working and machining are the V7 INVOX carbide end mills. Like all carbide end mills, they are ideal for working with a wide range of different alloys and metals including titanium, stainless, cast iron and pre-hardened steels.

This is the end mill line of choice when high-speed operation and more aggressive material removal is a critical part of production. Along similar lines, the tank-powder end mills allow for fast metal removal on high-tensile materials, particularly for roughing operations.

Other Considerations

All of the various YG 1 cutting tools are designed to minimize or eliminated vibration. This is done through the design of the flutes, which will assist in not only extending the life of the cutting tool but also in less wear and tear on the equipment itself, particularly the spindle.

The X-Speed design is another unique feature offered by the company. The design of the flutes of this roughing end mill allows for extremely fast chip removal, which in turn allows for a higher feed rate and more aggressive cutting action. Speeding up production while providing a quality end result is a great feature of these YG-1 tools.

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