Understanding the Possible Outcome of Your Case when Consulting with a DUI Lawyer in Ponte Vedra

Driving under the influence is a dangerous thing to do, and the potential consequences can be disastrous not only for the person driving but for the people on the road with them. With the disastrous outcomes of people who’ve been driving under the influence, it’s not surprising that law enforcement, as well as the judicial system, are constantly looking to crack down on this type of behavior with increased monitoring and stiff penalties for people convicted of DUI. However, regardless of the circumstances, if a person has been arrested for driving under the influence, it’s important that they are represented by a DUI lawyer in Ponte Vedra.

The first thing to understand is that speaking with a DUI attorney following the DUI charges is important. There are many different mitigating circumstances that could potentially affect the outcome of a person’s upcoming DUI trial. Understanding how to approach this situation is going to take consulting with a DUI attorney.

There are times where the evidence compiled against the person charged with DUI is overwhelming. In these situations, a guilty plea and the potential for plea-bargaining may be the only option.

However, there are mitigating circumstances that may help to have the case thrown out of court. Now, it’s important to understand that not every DUI situation is going to fall into this category, which is why it’s vital that a person speaks with a DUI attorney following their arrest.

Having the opportunity to discuss the situation with an attorney and have them look further into the matter can help a person understand how the lawyer may defend them during the upcoming court trial. There are situations where police lacked probable cause to pull a person over, and there are situations where breathalyzer machines and field sobriety tests can be called into question.

Each situation is different and there’s no guarantee that the attorney will be able to have the case thrown out of court. There is also no guarantee that being charged with DUI means that you’re going to be convicted of the crime. Nevertheless, consulting with a DUI lawyer in Ponte Vedra is a great option. If you need to set up a consultation with an DUI attorney know what they can do for you, you can visit website at https://www.cananlaw.com/ for more information.

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