Understanding the Different Air Brake Parts

An air brake system is made up of many parts. Understanding each of the Air Brake Parts is essential to understanding how an air brake system works. Some of the parts include:

Air Compressor

This is the part that pumps air into the reservoirs or air storage tanks. A v-belt or a system of gears is used to connect this part to the engine. It usually has its own supply of lubricating oil and is cooled by the internal cooling system. Before driving, ensure that the lubricating oil is topped off.

Air Compressor Regulator

This parts controls the pumping in of air into the storage tanks. If the air pressure reduces and gets to 100 psi, the regulator causes the compressor to pump in air. The regulator monitors the increasing pressure until it gets to 125 psi, where it stops the compressor from pumping in more air.

Storage Tanks

Air reservoirs or storage tanks are used to store compressed air. The size and number of tanks differ in each truck. The amount of air in the tanks are enough to use the brakes severally even when the air compressor stops functioning.

Drain Valve

There is some compressor oil and water in compressed air and this negatively affects the brake system. This oil and water collects at the bottommost part of the tank where the drain valve are usually installed. Ensure that the oil and water are drained regularly.

Safety Valve

A safety valve is set up in the tank where the compressor first pumps air into. This safety valve safeguards the tank and its braking system from excessive pressure and is set to release air at one hundred and fifty psi.

Brake Pedal

The brakes of the vehicle are activated by pressing down the treadle valve or brake pedal. This pressing down increases the air pressure being applied to the brakes. Releasing the brake pedal disengages the brakes and lessens the air pressure which causes some of the compressed air to leave the system. This must be made up for by the air compressor.

There are a lot of other parts to an air brake system. It is very important that these parts are in good working condition. Once they become damaged or need to be replaced, visit Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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