Understanding Surgical Errors and Medical Liabilities in Plano, TX

Surgical failures lead to severe patient injuries, and a surgeon without adequate training or supervision presents risks to these individuals and liabilities for their hospitals. A medical malpractice attorney in Plano, TX, understands the requirements for a legal claim, and they know what evidence to secure. Continue reading these details to find out about these personal injury cases.

Was the Injury a Disclosed Risk?

Before consenting to surgery, your surgeon disclosed all known risks related to the procedure. It isn’t medical malpractice if your surgery results in a known risk, such as a complication.

However, suppose the surgeon deviates from the hospital’s current protocols for the procedure. In that case, they are negligent if this decision causes an injury. A medical malpractice attorney in Plano, TX, explains the difference between a liability and an unfortunate outcome.

Did You Need Corrective Surgery?

After a surgical error, get a second opinion. It’s critical to know if you need supplemental surgery or if a surgeon is trying to cover their tracks. If you file a claim, you can use the documentation from the second doctor in your claim. They can act as a medical witness and discuss the mistakes made by the original surgeon and what they should’ve done differently.

Know When You Need an Attorney

If you were injured during surgery and the hospital board is exceeding expectations to make you happy, be careful what you say to them and call an attorney. After a surgeon causes an injury, the hospital board will try to get you to agree to a settlement.

Medical malpractice emerges when surgeons cause injuries that change their patients’ lives forever. In legal claims, you must prove that the surgeon caused your injuries due to negligence. Contact Van Wey, Metzler & Williams, PLLC, to file a lawsuit against your doctor or visit to learn more.

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