Understanding SR-22 Coverage in Rockford

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Insurance

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Most people know what auto insurance is and why it is important, but most people today do not know what SR-22 coverage is. Maybe you are one of the few who does know about the details of SR-22 in Rockford. But just in case, here are the basis you need to know about SR-22:

What is it?

An SR-22 is often considered to be a type of insurance and is often referred to as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR). It is documentation that says you are still actively maintaining car insurance liability coverage on your vehicle while driving.

Who needs one?

An SR-22 is most commonly required when someone involved in an auto accident has shown to be financially unreliable or unable to deliver on financial obligations. Often times drivers need to get a SR-22 if any of the following have happened:

* A DUI or DWI or a another type of major moving violation
* Getting into an accident, which was your fault, without having insurance
* Repeat traffic offenses and a large number of tickets in a short window of time
* A revoked or suspended license

Is a SR-22 expensive?

Costs can vary from state to state and it can also depend on the type of vehicle you have and your driving record up to the time of the SR-22 filing, but is usually costs less than $50 for filing an SR-22 form with your state DMV. However, insurance providers often see SR-22 customers as a higher risk category so your premiums will likely be higher than they would be otherwise.

How do I get an SR-22?

Registering with a SR-22 must be done through your car insurance provider and it must be a provider who is registered and recognized in your state of residency.

Can I avoid this?

You can avoid the hassle and work of an SR-22 by being smart on the road, maintaining proper insurance coverage, and being a safe driver.

Now that you know more about SR-22 in Rockford, you can begin to get the coverage you need to drive legally once more. If you have questions or need more information about this type of insurance, call Accurate Auto Insurance today!

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