Types of Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Battling drug addiction can take years. If you’re ready to seek out treatment, you’ll need to know what to expect when it comes to drug withdrawal symptoms. These include:

Emotional symptoms

Withdrawal from drugs can result to anxiety. Restlessness is also another common sign, along with irritability. If you’re having trouble sleeping, that could be another likely sign, as are frequent headaches. In addition, you might also suffer from poor, if not exactly a lack, of concentration. Depression is another common symptom, as well as feeling the need to be socially isolated or distant from family and friends.

Physical symptoms

Drug withdrawal doesn’t just affect your emotional state but your physical condition as well. You could end up sweating, with palpitations and your heart racing, says the WebMD. Muscle tension is also a typical sign of the withdrawal process along with breathing difficulties, chills and tremors. Nausea, diarrhea as well as vomiting are also common.

Extreme symptoms

They say it’ll get worse before it gets better. And there’s a bit of truth in that statement if you’ve been under the drug’s influence after a long, long time. Depending on how long your addiction has been, you could end up with seizures, heart attacks, strokes, hallucinations and even delirium tremens. In some cases, these symptoms could contribute or lead to death.

Finding help

Given the danger and risks associated with the withdrawal process, it’s important that you find the right healthcare or treatment facility to help you go through the drug withdrawal symptoms with as little risk as possible to your health and emotional well-being.

If you’re ready to live a drug-free life, seek out the help of a facility. Don’t try to go through the withdrawal process on your own. With suitable help and assistance, your recovery could happen sooner than you expect.

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