Types of Chiropractic Care Available In Lincoln Park

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Health

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Chiropractic care has expanded significantly since its introduction and rise to popularity in the health care world. While most Lincoln Park chiropractic care clinics were restricted to joint manipulation alone, services have since expanded to include a variety of wellness strategies under the chiropractic umbrella. This has helped millions of patients access a variety of different wellness approaches with the convenience of using one wellness team.

Traditional Chiropractic Care

Patients normally think of chiropractic care in terms of relief purposes. Someone sustains an injury and goes to see a chiropractor to help relieve the pain. Many people do rely on chiropractors for the relief of stiffness, discomfort, chronic pain and pain relief from sports related injuries. People also use chiropractic care to correct longstanding joint or bone damage, and to prevent future injuries from occurring.

Expanded Wellness Services

An increasing number of chiropractors are including other wellness services in their clinics, to offer patients a whole body care experience. Additional wellness services can be used independently or combined with chiropractic care to help the individual maximize their health and performance.  These services are typically discussed with the chiropractor, and an individualized approach selected in order to help the patient benefit the most from these services.

What Kind of Wellness Services Are Offered?

The type of wellness services offered will vary depending on the chiropractic care clinic selected. Many chiropractor clinics will also offer nutrition and physical therapy services, which can be used both when the patient has sustained an injury to speed recovery, and to help the patient maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, certain chiropractic clinics will also offer related podiatry and orthotic services, which can help patients currently receiving joint and muscle care and to prevent future injury.

How Can Patients Learn More About Wellness Services?

These services are often listed on the chiropractic clinic’s website, and can always be discussed with a patient’s individual chiropractor. Patients should also feel free to ask their chiropractor about follow up care, which may include expanded wellness services. For example, a patient who initially had a neck injury may benefit from deep tissue therapy or strength training once the injury has been treated in order to prevent re-injury. If a patient has selected a Lincoln Park chiropractic care clinic that also offers expanded wellness services, a referral to a qualified individual within the clinic can be made. This way, all of the care is done in one place.

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