Types of Air Conditioner Systems in Fort Collins, CO

The air conditioner is an essential home appliance that is used in almost every modern building. Air conditioners are installed in houses and commercial buildings, as well as in industrial buildings. They are designed to control the flow of air within a room, offer ventilation, and maintain the temperature within a closed environment. Air conditioners extract hot air from a room, filling it up with cold air in the process. However, there are several different kinds of air conditioner systems from which you can choose. Here are some of the most common types.

Split Air Conditioners

The most popular air conditioner systems in Fort Collins, CO are split air conditioners. As the name suggests, it is split into two units: an inner unit and an outer unit. The inner unit is mounted on the wall, and has pipes that lead outside through a window bracket to connect with the outer unit.

Window Air Conditioners

Companies such as Advanced Comfort offer complete repairs and maintenance services for air conditioners. They can also install an air conditioner for you. Window air conditioners are ideal for smaller rooms, and must be installed with care. The company will create the bracket in the window first and then place the whole component inside it.

Central Air Conditioning Units

If you want an all-in-one solution, then centralized air conditioner systems are the best option for your house. They are large in size, and are usually installed on the roof of the house, with ducts connecting the various parts of the house. They also have heating coils installed to regulate the temperature inside a room according to your settings on the thermostat. However, they are quite expensive and require regular maintenance to function properly. Click here for more details about the air conditioner systems in Fort Collins, CO.

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