Trusting Experts For Tree Service in Spokane To Do More Than Just Prune

Giant oaks, majestic pines, and flowering dogwoods: they all lend such a lovely touch to any landscape. They also lend a more functional aspect to a property, providing shade from the harsh sun and a much needed sound barrier from the outside world, not to mention privacy from prying eyes. Whether you’re a business trying to improve the look of your of curb or a homeowner who wants to win the coveted yard of the month award, trees can make a huge difference in the way your yard is viewed. But the key to healthy ones could be in the tree service in Spokane you choose.

A quality firm providing tree service in Spokane will do more than prune your trees, although this is, of course a very necessary function of the company. The proper pruning assists the tree in developing the strong structure and form it needs to mature. The pruning procedure also enhances the structure of a tree’s limbs and canopy, increasing its beauty. But, a tree service will also maintain and trim the trees and lawn all year long, preventing the trees from affecting the other areas of the lawn. When shopping around for a company to provide your business or home with complete yard care, look for one that will also provide a health analysis for the plants, shrubs, lawn and trees, weed and feed control, as well as pest control, too.

When hiring a tree service company, be sure to contract with someone licensed and insured, not someone’s in-laws who happen to own a chainsaw. No, this is important work requiring a professional’s touch. You want someone who has experience in this type of work and knows exactly what they’re doing. You should ask to see proof of insurance and before and after pictures of landscaping jobs they’ve worked on. Additionally, ask for references, and then follow up on these references.

For a quality company to check out for your yard or your company’s landscaping needs, Contact Spokane Pro Care. In business for almost 30 years, they’re a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

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