Treatments From Licensed Dental Practices in Chicago, Illinois

Advanced Dental Technology in Chicago, IL

Your dentist in Chicago, IL may use the latest technology in oral care. If you have the proper budget, you could ask about innovative procedures that will reduce discomfort and pain. For example, air abrasion is an excellent alternative to conventional drilling. By applying air abrasion, an experienced dentist will precisely drill into a decaying tooth with minimal invasion. You should explore other treatment options at the dental practice, such as Arestin antibiotic powder for gum disease. Thanks to fully digital dental X-rays, your provider will generate highly detailed images of the entire oral cavity. You’ll be invited to view the digital scans of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Additionally, intraoral photography is readily available for capturing high-resolution images and videos of your teeth.

Conventional Dental Treatment

A licensed dentist in Chicago, Illinois should provide a wide range of conventional treatment options for adults and kids. You can request traditional fillings for dental cavities and caries. A conventional amalgam will be used to fill the decaying spots. Resin fillings are highly recommended for cosmetic purposes. If you have severe decay, you should ask about conventional dental crowns, which are made of ceramic. A certified dental provider in Chicago might offer root canal therapy for adults. Several appointments are usually required for full treatment of a root canal. Additionally, you should visit your dentist for additional inspections and checks of the healed root.

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