Treatment Approaches For Substance Abuse

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Health

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Drug and alcohol addiction is phenomenally complex; it is an illness that is characterized by uncontrollable cravings as well as compulsive seeking and use regardless of the devastating consequences. The path to alcoholism or drug addiction starts as a voluntary act which, unfortunately, over a period of time it reaches a point where the ability to say no is compromised, the result is a compulsive desire to seek and consume addictive substances.

There are many dimensions to substance abuse and the way in which is disrupts normal functioning; substance abuse Family therapy in Minneapolis is not simple. There are many factors that must be incorporated in any program if it is to be effective, each factor directed at a particular aspect of the illness and the consequences of it. The objective of substance abuse treatment is to stop the addict from using drugs or alcohol, stay sober and become an effective member of society which of course includes the addict’s immediate family. Addiction is a chronic disorder; it is not possible for those who are addicted to simply stop for a week or so and declare they are cured. Addiction takes time to overcome; most addicts require long term care to achieve the goal of abstinence.

There are a number of approaches to substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. Medication and behavior therapy are important components of an overall treatment program, especially when they are both used in combination. The initial step is detoxification; this is followed by treatment which is followed by relapse prevention.
Easing the agony of withdrawal is important for the program to be successful and to avoid relapse. Relapse often means that the treatment program must start all over again. Continuing care, care that addresses all aspects of the individual’s life which includes his or her mental and medical state and follow-up is crucial to ensuring that the person will achieve and then maintain a life which is free from drugs or alcohol.

Behavioral treatment helps the individual to become engaged in the totality of the program, it emphasizes modification to behavior and attitudes which are directly related to substance abuse. Behavioral treatments can enhance the effectiveness of medication; they also promote a desire to see the program through to its conclusion. Substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis can be sought from and delivered from numerous settings including residential care, outpatient programs, individual therapy and group therapy.

Substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis is available from Options Family & Behavior Services. Adolescent day treatment, family therapy and individual therapy is available for those suffering drug or alcohol dependency.

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