Treating Pressure Sores with an Air Loss Mattress

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Medical Equipment

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Take a few moments to consider the options available to you in terms of air mattresses. This type of mattress is an exceptional option for many reasons, but one of them is because they work to reduce the risk of a patient developing pressure sores. For most people, pressure sores are highly risky because they can easily lead to the development of infections and wounds that do not heal over time. With the help of a mattress, such as an air loss mattress, it is possible to reduce the risk of these sores developing. And, these mattresses can also help to speed the process of healing.

How Do They Help?

An air loss mattress is one that does not lose air within it very rapidly. As a result, it stays inflated on an ongoing basis. These mattresses have pumps that keep them inflated. And, those pumps will adjust when the amount of pressure within the mattress drops below the desired level. Because of this, no matter how much a person in the bed moves, twists, gets up, or sits down, there is a constant level of pressure present. By providing this level of air flow, it is possible to reduce the amount of pressure to meet needs, but it also ensures that there is no pressure on the skin while a person is in bed. As a result, it reduces the risk of the development of pressure sores.

Anyone that uses an air loss mattress will find a variety of styles and models on the market to choose from. Each one is a bit different, but they all offer the same overall design. The key is to invest in quality, and a low air loss mattress is often the best option in that area.

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