Traps are an Important Part of Plumbing Installation in West Chester OH

When there’s a problem in a home’s plumbing installation in West Chester OH, the homeowner might need to learn more about the home’s plumbing traps. The kind of trap the home has and the type of maintenance it has undergone are key in ensuring proper function, and a faulty plumbing trap can lead to eventual pipe breakage. In this brief article, homeowners can learn how plumbing traps work.

Traps Keep Out the Bad Stuff

Plumbing traps are pipes shaped like an L, an S, or a U that are installed below drains. The trap prevents sewer gases from getting into the home; the buffering takes place due to the water seal, which remains in the trap after the plumbing is used. An internal or external trap can be found in every plumbing system, such as a sink, tub or toilet. In sinks, plumbing traps catch hair, dirt and other items that fall into the drain. Most homes’ plumbing traps are removable, making it easier to clear blockages. Plumbing traps are a likely place to find a piece of jewelry that’s been dropped into a drain.

The Water Seal is Important

To ensure the continued operation of the trap, it’s important to maintain the integrity of the water seal. Venting the plumbing trap prevents a dry-out, and it uses air pressure to ensure that drainage continues to work as it should. Alternatively, homeowners might be able to use air admittance valves if it’s allowed by local building codes. Such a valve forces inside air into a drain, keeping negative pressure out. If a trap is being installed on an infrequently used system, the homeowner should consider installing a primer to recharge it and keep the water seal intact. In many areas, S traps are prohibited due to their high likelihood of drying out, even when correctly vented.

As has been shown here, a home’s plumbing traps are very important. Not only do they keep noxious gases from entering the home, local building codes require traps to be fully functional. If a homeowner believes that their home’s plumbing installation in West Chester OH may be damaged, they should Get in touch with us today!

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