Top Tips for Treating Lower Back Pain at Home

Whether it’s from bending down the wrong way when picking up an object or being involved in a car accident that injured your back, lower back pain is painful and often affects your ability to go about your everyday life. Fortunately, you have already made an appointment for pain management with Riverside Pain Physicians. However, there are a few things that you can do to help with that lower back pain at home between appointments.

Ice It
Keeping an ice pack on the lower back when you have a flare up can do a lot to help ease the pain. The cold pack helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the lower back, giving you temporary relief, until you can get into see your Riverside Pain Physicians doctor.

Watch Your Weight
It is well-known that excessive weight is bad for your back. Being overweight puts excess pressure on your spine, which can lead to serious problems in the long run. Watch your diet and try to exercise at least four days a week to keep the weight off. If you have back problems or pain that hinders your ability to exercise, talk to your doctor about what type of exercise would be best for you before you start any type of routine.

When to Call Your Doctor
While you can treat your lower back pain yourself between pain management appointments, there are a few instances when you should call your doctor right away.

  • If the lower back pain becomes too severe and hurts constantly
  • If there is weakness in your legs or they become numb
  • If you have problems walking or standing

These could be signs of something more serious than back pain and need to be addressed right away. For more information, contact the professionals at Riverside Pain Physicians.

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