Top Moving Companies And Their Relocation Services

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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Making a comparison between moving companies can be difficult for someone with limited experience in hiring movers. Once you have completed a move or two out of state there is a better idea of what to look for in a mover and what may be red flags signaling a mover that is less than ideal.

If this is your first move, or if you are looking for a new company because of a less than stellar past move, here are some important comparisons in services offered between different movers.


For a large home, a busy professional or family or when the move is shorter notice, choosing moving companies offering full or partial packing can be a lifesaver. With full packing services the company will come in, usually a few days in advance of the move date and professionally pack all the items in your home.

Partial packing includes packing just the rooms or the items you choose for the company to handle. Either option can save you time and stress. Remember, items packed by the moving company will be covered under the valuation and protection coverage while items you pack will usually not be covered for damage.


It is very common to need storage during an out of state move. This may be to store items when decluttering the house for the sale or to store some contents of the home if you are downsizing.

Many people also find that their new home may not be ready for immediate occupancy. Storing your possessions with your moving company in safe, secure storage means you can simply call when the house is ready and schedule the delivery.

Pre-Move Support

Having resources to help you with the moving process is also a service offered by top relocation companies. Checklists, apps, packing and moving supplies, personal move coordinators and professionals ready to provide the help you need are all benefits offered by the best in the business. It is also helpful to know that if you do get behind in packing, there are experienced packing crews available to get you back on schedule

Often people moving for the first time aren’t aware of all the details that go into a move, particularly a long distance move. By choosing from moving companies that offer top levels of services and support at an affordable price, you will have everything you need to make even a first move a great experience.

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