Today’s Options for Wood Fireplaces

Nothing brings friends or family together like a wood-burning fireplace. Whether it’s sitting by a fire roaring in an interior, traditional fireplace on a snowy, cold night or roasting marshmallows on a crisp, fall evening outside by a fire pit, fires draw people in for both the warmth and the ambience. If you are interested in building either one at your home, you need to find someone with lots of experience building hearths in Muskegon, MI.

If you enjoy spending your evenings outdoors at home, regardless of the temperature, a wood burning fire pit may be an attractive addition to your backyard. There is a large variety of above and below ground fire pit configurations to choose from, any of which can help to keep you warm throughout the year. The fire pit and its surrounding structures will provide a focal point for your backyard landscape as well as a place to entertain family and friends year round.

A wood stove is likely the most efficient wood-burning option for heating a home. Modern stoves on the market today are designed to heat with a minimal amount of wood, resulting in efficiencies of around 60%. Some stoves may even be able to heat an entire house. The fuel is easy to obtain and is quite cost-efficient (and may even be free).

The traditional masonry fireplace is usually chosen for its classic visual appeal rather than to heat the house. The design is the same as it has been for hundreds of years and even the methods of modern science have not been able to make great strides in its efficiency. Regardless of design or materials used, most of the heat generated by the fire escapes through the chimney, resulting in an efficiency of approximately 15%.

Your decision concerning what type of wood-burning fireplace you want depends on where you want the fireplace and whether it is for heat or ambience purposes. Whatever you choose, you may need to find someone who builds hearths in Muskegon, MI. Browse the website  for more information.

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