Tire Shop in San Antonio Offers Foam Fill Services

Are you tired of dealing with flat tires on your equipment? Maybe you’d like never to have to worry about car flat tires. Thanks to modern technology from your trusted tire shop in San Antonio, flat tire problems can be a thing of the past. Here is information on the benefits of foam fill services.

What is Foam Fill?

Tire foam is specially made from polyurethane materials. Once it enters the interior of the tire, it expands and replaces all the air. After the foam is properly cured, it takes on spongy and soft properties. However, the material is still strong and durable enough to supply full support to your vehicle. Instead of an “air ride,” you get a polyurethane ride that is comparable to driving on air-filled tires.

Solve Equipment Tire Problems

When you run agricultural or construction equipment, you can’t afford downtime during the middle of a project. This is especially true with large equipment tires because it can take a long time to repair flats. In fact, you may have to call a tire service to come to your farm or construction site, and this can be an expensive ordeal. When you fill those tires with special foam from your tire shop in San Antonio, they will never go flat again, even if they get punctured.

Not Just for Equipment Anymore

For many years, foam was only available for tractor tires and heavy equipment. However, your local tire shop in San Antonio can fill any kind of tires with long-lasting foam. This includes passenger cars, SUV’s, and pickup trucks. This provides the following benefits:

 * No more flats

 * No more checking air pressure and re-inflating

 * Increased tread wear

 * Greater stability

Talk to your tire professionals in San Antonio today about the many benefits of foam filled tires.

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