Tips to Make Resurfacing in Long Island, NY Simpler

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Swimming Pools

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If the finish on a swimming pool is deteriorating, the pool should be resurfaced to prevent further damage. Summers spent poolside seem more bearable but, if the pool finish is peeling and cracking, it should be dealt with promptly. Resurfacing in Long Island, NY can help homeowners fix their pools without losing their cool.

Check the Pool’s Chemistry

Poor maintenance, imbalances in water chemistry, and exposure to UV rays can all damage the finish on a swimming pool. Buy a test kit and check chemical levels or hire a professional to do the job on a regular schedule.

Don’t Delay Repairs

Homeowners should have pool problems fixed as soon as they become apparent. Ignoring damage will only serve to increase the cost of future repairs, and pools with damaged finishes sometimes develop leaks. If the pool is equipped with an auto-filling component, a leak can cause decks and other parts to erode.

Choose a Preferred Pool Surface

Plaster finishes were once popular, but they’re no longer in favor due to their short lifespans. Today, pebbled cement is favored, but quartz or glass-based pool finishes are also available. The glass finish can cost up to $15 for each foot, but those on a budget can still contact us to get a plaster finish.

Don’t Count on a Pool Patch to Last

When the homeowner notices a problem with a pool finish, patching isn’t a viable option. If a part of the pool’s finish is deteriorating, other parts may follow shortly after. Patching doesn’t always create a solid bond between the new and the old material and repeated resurfacing attempts are often unsuccessful.

Don’t Assume that Refinishing Creates Long Downtime

Pool refinishers often see a summer lull, and that makes the summertime the right time to schedule work. Some homeowners think that it takes weeks or months to refinish a pool, but the experts say that the average job only takes three or four days to finish.

Most people don’t think about the finish on their swimming pools until there’s a problem. If issues are dealt with quickly, severe damage can often be prevented. Resurfacing in Long Island, NY can help homeowners spot these problems, and they can solve them before they get out of hand.

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