Tips to Limit the Need for Professional Drain Cleaning in Saginaw, TX

People usually prefer to stop problems before they start. In the case of clogged drains, taking a few steps can make all the difference and make it less likely you’ll need to call a plumber for Drain Cleaning in Saginaw TX.

Add Hair Traps to Bathroom Drains

Hair can quickly build up enough to clog a sink, tub, or shower drain. One way to limit this risk is to install hair traps in each of these drains to catch most of the hair before it reaches the drain. Of course, you need to make sure to empty these hair traps regularly as well.

Don’t Flush Any Products But TP Down the Toilet

Although some personal hygiene products say that they can be flushed, many septic systems can’t handle them and they don’t break down well, so it’s best to toss these products in the trash rather than flushing them down the toilet. This will limit the risk of a nasty clogged toilet situation.

Limit What Goes Down the Kitchen Drain

Even if you have a garbage disposal, some items are tough chop up and shouldn’t go down the kitchen drain. This includes really tough fruit peels and meat scraps. Pour grease out of pans and allow it to thicken before putting it in the trash. Grease will clog drains if it solidifies in the pipes on the way down the drain, so it’s best to never put it down the drain.

Use a Drain Snake to Remove Clogs

If water isn’t going down the drain as quickly as usual, try using a drain snake, sometimes called a drain cleaning tool or a drain opener, to break up and pull out whatever is starting to clog the drain. As long as it’s a relatively minor clog located not too far down the drain, this should do the job. For a more major clog or one that’s way down in the pipes, you may need to call a plumber for Drain Cleaning in Saginaw TX.

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