Tips on Replacing a Sink Faucet from Covington Georgia Best Plumbing Service

Leaking faucets are a common household problem. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore the task of repairing or replacing a faucet, leading to gallons of water going to waste each day. Faucet leaks result when water under pressure enters the home and is forced into a faulty faucet. The good news is that it is quite easy to repair a leaking faucet. Here are some of the tips that best plumbing service in Covington Georgia recommends for faucet leak repairs.

Understanding the components of a faucet

There are three major types of faucets: ball, cartridge and compression.

  • Compression faucets use screws to press washers against some form of metal rings. This action stops the flow of water.
  • Ball faucets contain a ball that is made of either plastic or stainless steel. When the faucet handle is turned, the angle of the ball changes and water flows through the faucet.
  • Cartridge faucets make use of a special unit to control the flow of water.

When you understand the type of faucet you have in your kitchen, you will be in a better position to diagnose the cause of a leak and fix it.

Locating the leak

There are two parts of the faucet that control water flow. If the leak is coming from the base of the faucet, the easy fix method will be tightening the faucet handle. On the other hand, if the spout of the sink is leaking, you will have to repair the valve that controls water flow.

The repair process

As mentioned, a leaking faucet is a problem that you can easily fix. The following are steps you can follow in the repair process:

  • Turn off the water supply to the faucet, as this will give you an easy time during the repair process.
  • Open up the faucet after removing the decorative parts that cover it up. Most of the faucets will only need a flat bladed screwdriver for the removal process.
  • The type of faucet will determine the repair process to make use of. There are repair kits for classical gaskets and ball and cartridge faucets.

These are just a few tips on faucet problem repair. Covington Georgia best plumbing service can help you fix the problematic faucet issues.

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