Tips on choosing the best electric hand dryer

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Anyone that owns or manages a restaurant, store or any other types of commercial establishment ill know from experience how costly paper towels are and how quickly people go through them. Per towels certainly dry hands but they are extremely wasteful, they waste money and they are not good for the environment; not only do they fill landfill sites, an unknown number of trees must be harvested to produce them. Paper towels are not the only solution that you can offer your customers, you can install the best electric hand dryer, it’s a win-win solution; you save money and your customers are not inundated by uncollected waste paper towels.

Different types of electric hand dryers:

Electric hand dryers are considerably more popular than they once were; modern designs and technology have been employed to answer the complaints of early users.

Conventional dryer:

The basic hand dryer has a button that is pushed to start the flow of warm air. These conventional dryers take 30 seconds plus to dry hands properly. Although they may not be exceptionally fast they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate.

High speed dryer:

Thirty seconds plus is thought to be too long by many users, the complaint is often that they take more time than using paper towels. High speed hand dryers do an excellent job in one third the time; they are far faster and more convenient. As the drying time is relatively short, these hand dryers are also energy efficient.

Automatic hand dryers:

Many people are of the opinion that the best electric hand dryer is one which functions completely automatically. There are no buttons to push, an infrared sensor controls the operation; when it senses the presence of hands, it switches on and when the hands are dry and withdrawn, the dryer switches off. This design is very sanitary as well as energy efficient.

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