Tips for Weed Control in Spokane

A weed is defined colloquially as any plant growing in a place it’s not wanted. Lawn weeds can be broadleaf, grassy, or grass-like in nature, but no matter what type of plants they are, these weeds can be a major hassle to remove. Read on to find a few tips regarding Weed Control in Spokane that can help.

Weed Prevention

Fighting the growth of weeds in a lawn is a year-round job, but most preventative actions are best undertaken in the early spring or fall. Preventing the growth of weeds is primarily a matter of ensuring the health of the lawn itself. In fact, badly weed-infested lawns are typically a symptom of underlying nutrient imbalances and soil problems. Be sure to focus first on providing the grass with all of the nutrients and water it needs to grow and wait a couple months before applying any kind of weed control product.

Choosing the Right Herbicide

There are several varieties of commercially available herbicides. These include pre-emergent herbicides that work by preventing seed germination, post-emergent herbicides that kill growing plants, selective herbicides that target unique plants based on their specific enzymes, non-selective herbicides that kill all plants, and total vegetation herbicides that sterilize the ground. Be extremely cautious when applying non-selective or total vegetation herbicides, as they will destroy healthy grass as well as weeds.


Many annual weeds have shallow root structures, which makes it possible, though time-consuming, to remove them by hand. However, perennial weeds tend to have more entrenched root structures, which makes hand removal extremely difficult. Try to identify what type of weeds are causing the most problems in the lawn and ask a lawn care professional about targeted treatments.

Hire a Pro

Homeowners who aren’t quite sure what to make of all that information might find it’s both easier and quicker to simply hire a professional for Weed Control in Spokane. Not only do lawn care specialists know exactly what products are most effective at removing specific varieties of weeds, they also have access to products that aren’t commercially available to consumers.

Spokane Pro Care offers comprehensive lawn care services, including weed control, to property owners in the Spokane area, allowing homeowners to enjoy beautiful lawns without all the hassle of constant weeding and advanced care.

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