Tips For Using Avery Labels For Orange County Businesses

by | May 8, 2017 | Furniture

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To save time, money and steps in mailing out any merchandise, envelopes or flyers, many Orange Country small businesses choose to complete addressing themselves rather than turning to a specialized company. The most common product used by these types of business with small mailing requirements are Avery labels.

There are many different sizes and types of Avery labels. All of these labels are pre-formed on sheets that can be easily printed with a simple desktop printer to a more advanced central printing system.

The labels are designed to be run through any standard type of printer. They have a self-adhesive on the back that can be used to attach to any type of material including envelopes as well as boxes, plastic storage containers or even glass and ceramics.

Correct Sizing

Sending items through the mail requires the use of labels that are the right size for the envelope. There are some of the Avery lines that are designed for legal envelopes and oversized packages and others that are designed for standard letter envelopes.

There are also oversized labels that are ideal for storage containers and banker’s boxes. With the larger labels, it is possible to use a big font or a bold version of a font to really make the label stand out.

Laminate Film

For an Orange County business that is using the Avery labels for storage containers or labeling rather than for mailers or envelopes, look for the labels with the clear laminate film. This is simply applied over the label after application to seal the label in place.

The film is designed to protect the ink from fading with exposure to UV rays and light, plus it also eliminates any concerns with high humidity or moisture smudging or blurring the font.

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