Tips for Purchasing a New Construction Home

Buying a new house is an exciting time. You may have your eye on all sorts of homes in your area, but one option many buyers overlook while property shopping is that of new home construction.

What are some ways to get the most out of your shopping when considering a newly-built home? Here are just a few things to keep in mind while browsing in your area:

Start with a Great Agent

In an area like Palm Coast, FL, there are many real estate agencies. Finding the right one will help you make the right purchase and save the most time and money. Look for an agent or agency with experience in dealing with builders and new home construction.

Research Your Builder

Builders are typically well-known within their area of business. Do your research before committing to a builder. They may offer beautiful work, but what about pricing, customer service, guarantees, and other factors? You’ll want to know all of this before investing in your newly-built home.

Know How to Negotiate

Negotiation is about more than just asking your builder to come down on the price they’re asking for their construction. You may also want to consider asking them to install upgrades free of charge or handle closing costs as a way to sweeten the deal. Many builders are more likely to do this than to lower their asking prices.

Understand Upgrades

When touring a newly-built home or a model for new home construction, you may see a combination of both standard furnishings and fixtures and those that are considered upgrades. Ask your builder about what options come standard and which will cost more.

Don’t Neglect Inspection

Just because a home is newly-constructed doesn’t mean you should neglect to have it inspected as you would an older home. Ensuring that no additional work needs doing or that safety concerns can be addressed is an important part of investing in any property, new or old!

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