Tips For Positioning LED Floodlights

For a home or commercial property, placing outdoor lighting in the ideal location to provide visibility when coming in or going out in the dark is important. In most cases, the use of LED floodlights serves another purpose as well, and that is to provide the lighting required to keep people from assuming the building is an easy target for thieves.

Having the LED floodlights positioned in the right location is important for both of these lighting requirements. Often on businesses as well as residential buildings the outdoor lighting position is chosen specifically for aesthetic reasons rather than for safety and security.

Blind Spots

Most people will immediately think of floodlights over the entrances and the garage doors. These are critical areas of safety and security and need to be well-lit for protection and as a deterrent.

However, there may also be blind spots on the property or around the perimeter of the building that need an additional light fixture. By positioning these lights to shine out from the building and not just directly down the circle of light can extend to include fences and gates where shadows and darkness may make the ideal place for someone to remain unnoticed.

Light Height

The various styles of LED floodlights are designed to be mounted at different heights on the wall. They will also be designed to create a specific radius of light. While you may only need light right at the door to find keys or punch in a code, having a wider radius of light allows better peripheral visibility.

Choose a floodlight style that provides a good size radius of light. It will also be important to mount the light fixture high enough up on the wall to avoid the light being easily tampered with. Keep in mind, you will also need to very infrequently change out the bulb, so balance the height, the brightness of the covered area and the access to the light when making a choice.

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