Tips For Planning Portable Toilet Rentals In Brazoria County

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Waste Management

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Living in the Houston area means there are always a lot of things to do and see. It also means a lot of construction and a lot of seasonal businesses and even outdoor activities to enjoy. In Brazoria County, there are both annual events and seasonal things to see and do that require adequate toilet facilities on-site.

In addition to cultural and outdoor events, including sports tournaments, concerts, and shows, there is also a growing number of large construction sites. For all of these types of situations, portable toilet rentals provide a cost-effective, sanitary and environmentally safe way to provide toilet facilities in any location.

If you are a project manager, site manager, business or facility owner, or anyone planning a special event where you will need outdoor bathrooms, planning your portable toilet rentals well in advance will be important.

Number Required

As any company in Brazoria will have a specific number of porta-potties, it is a good idea to book as part ahead as possible for long weekends, summer vacation months and for large numbers of units.

In general, the number of rental units will be determined by the number of people, the event and if drinks and food are being served. Additionally, if you are expecting to have a mixed crowd of men, women, and children, it will be important to have extra units to prevent long lines.

Make sure to include handicapped units on site if the area is open to the public. Companies can supply ADA compliant units to avoid any potential risk of legal action.

Location is Important

Companies in the Brazoria area that have experience in working with event planners and specific facilities or companies can be helpful in planning the location for the portable toilet rentals.

Generally, they should be located in an easy to access location but away from heavy traffic areas to prevent congestion of the flow of traffic. Additionally, the company may have specific requirements to get their trucks to the location, so early consultation is always the best option.

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