Tips For Maximizing Ecommerce Mobile Payments

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Credit card processsing

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It is no longer a matter of when mobile users will overtake the number of consumers making purchases from their computer, but just how big the shift will be. In online studies of both consumers and businesses, the number of ecommerce mobile payments ranges from about 48 to 57% of the total online sales, with slight variations based on industry and types of products sold.

Having an ecommerce site set up for mobile viewing using responsive web design is one thing, but it is also important to ensure our website is effective in accepting all common forms of ecommerce mobile payments including credit and debit cards.

Security Matters

For any ecommerce site, having an SSL certificate for the checkout through the website will be critical. These SSL certificates provide that iconic padlock in the address bar and, with top level security, will also turn the complete address bar green.

This visible reminder that all of the data sent with the ecommerce mobile payments will be 256 bit encrypted can make a very big difference in consumer confidence. This will translate to fewer abandoned shopping carts and a much lower bounce rate from the site.

Reputable Processor

In addition to making the ecommerce site user-friendly and secure, it is also important to choose the top payment processing service. Many providers only accept a limited number of payment options while others may be able to handle different payment options offered around the world.

This is an important consideration as many businesses and consumers are moving away from credit and debit card information to the use of e-wallets. Additionally, some services may only be able to process sales from specific types of phone operating systems, most commonly Android and Apple, potentially limiting the ability of some consumers to use your payment processing system.

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