Tips for How to Handle Arrests in and Around Cambridge, MD

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Lawyers

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Being arrested is something that most people don’t plan for. However, they’re still need to know what they should do when they’re arrested and how they should handle the entire situation to make it easier for their lawyer to help them avoid the most serious penalties for the crime they’re accused of. Those who are dealing with arrests in and around Cambridge, MD can use the following information to help them.

Don’t Speak with the Police

It’s important for the person to remember they should not say anything to the police other than the required information, such as their name. They might feel like volunteering information to help them avoid an arrest, but this is not going to help. In fact, they might inadvertently say something that helps the case against them. Saying as little as possible is always the way to go.

Don’t Talk to Anyone Else

Along with not speaking with the police, the person should say as little as possible to friends, family, and employers. All of this can be used against them and the little others know about the situation the better. If they need to say something to employers or family, their lawyer can let them know what to say and how to answer any questions about the situation.

Contact a Lawyer As Quickly As Possible

The arrested person will want to make sure they contact a lawyer as quickly as possible for help. The lawyer will walk them through everything that is going to happen and what they should or shouldn’t do while the case is progressing. The lawyer may also be able to help them obtain a lower bail amount so they can continue to work while the case is ongoing.

Arrests in and around Cambridge, MD can be frightening for a person who has never been arrested before. By avoiding saying anything to the police and the people they know, they can limit misinformation that could be used against them. They can also contact an Ocean City Lawyer as quickly as possible to get the advice and help they need to handle the situation and to work toward a better outcome.

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