Tips For Hiring Dubai Property Lawyers

As in most areas of the world, larger scale projects, including the purchase of land and property for development or business ventures, can be very complex and involved.

There may be multiple owners, issues with heirs to the property or even zoning regulations in Dubai which may restrict the possible use of the property. Working with the STA Law Firm property lawyers will ensure these issues are fully investigated and assessed before a property purchase is considered.

Specialists in Property Law

Unlike some law firms, the STA Law firm is a truly international resource for our clients. We can work with buyers, stakeholders and contractors throughout the world to ensure our clients are fully protected and aware of their options throughout the property purchase and development.

In addition to our property lawyers, we also have specialists in construction and real estate and commercial law. With our team approach to legal representation, our firm can provide the necessary legal services throughout the entire transaction, which is ideal for both local investors as well as those living abroad.

Extensive Experience

In Dubai, as well as throughout the UAE, property development and large-scale construction of both residential and industrial real estate are expanding. While this expansion allows for greater opportunities for investors, it also means working with a law firm with the expertise, experience, and understanding of regulations, policies, and practices within Dubai and the UAE.

Our team of property lawyers can work as your agent within the UAE or provide the specific services you need to purchase property, contract with developers and coordinate the project management. We can also complete risk analysis on a project, handle any construction claims or litigation needs and negotiate and draft all contracts necessary for the project using internationally recognised contracts.

To find out more about the services offered through our real estate, construction, and property legal specialisations, call us today at +971 50 27 28 29 1.

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