Tips For Finding The Right Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

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Fittings are a critical part of any system and, as any processor knows, they are also some of the hardest to find, particularly with older sanitary processing systems and equipment. Today, most systems are designed to match with standard stainless steel tube fittings, which means replacement, when needed, much easier.

For older systems or for custom designed systems, finding a supplier that offers both standard and non-standard types of stainless steel tube fittings will be important. The key is to find the supplier in advance and not wait until you need a replacement to start looking online.

What to Consider

There are many different places to buy fittings. Most general suppliers will have stainless steel fittings, which can include both pipe and tube fittings. However, for sanitary processes, these fittings may not be adequate and may not come in anything but the most standard sizing and fitting options.

Online auction types of sites will provide stainless steel fittings as well. Most of these sites, like general supply sites, will only offer standard sizes and options. There is always a risk of quality control issues, particularly with cheap imported fittings, which needs to be carefully considered.

For quality 304/316 stainless steel tube fittings, the best option is always to purchase from a specialized supplier for sanitary processing equipment. This will ensure the fittings meet all specifications for use in sanitary systems.

Lead Time on Orders

While fittings are a relatively low-cost item in any system, they are essential. When a fitting needs to be replaced, fast shipping will be critical for most processors. The top suppliers in the country offer one or two-day shipping options, ensuring the part gets there quickly.

Ideally, having a basic supply of fittings on hand is always the best solution. It can be very difficult to cover for every possibility, which is why a dependable supplier with short turnaround times on orders is so important.

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