Tips For Everett Small Business Owners Needing Commercial HVAC Repair

There are some specialized commercial or industrial HVAC services in the Everett area, but not all are designed to work on both small projects as well as the large industrial HVAC systems.

One company that prides itself in providing HVAC repair services to commercial properties of all sizes is MacDonald-Miller. With ten different locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and technicians trained in both standard and customized HVAC systems, they have the skill, experience, and the expertise to get your repairs done quickly and easily.

A small business owner is still working with a commercial HVAC system. These systems can be customized and designed for a specific heating or cooling requirements, which is why hiring professionals in commercial HVAC systems are so important. Choosing a company that mostly provides residential HVAC repairs often means inexperience and lack of understandings of the system requirements and best practices used in commercial heating and cooling.

Ask About Commercial Experience

Do not assume that a company offering commercial HVAC repair services specializes in these types of systems. Instead, look for a company that only works on commercial HVAC systems. Sometimes this is difficult to determine through the website, but a quick call can clarify the information.

Ask about the company’s record of HVAC repair with your specific system. The information on the unit will include the manufacturer’s name, model number and relevant information ask this question. Some of the older systems are more challenging to work on, particularly for technicians only used to working with new HVAC components.

Ask for an Estimate

While it may be important for an Everett small business to have immediate repairs, it is sometimes possible to shop around and compare what different companies quote for a repair cost. If possible, get written estimates and understand how the HVAC service stands behind their repair work. This is a good indication of quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction.

To find out more about HVAC repair services for small businesses in the Everett area, talk to the experts at MacDonald-Miller. More information can be found at

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