Tips for Choosing the Right Staining in Redding CA

The idea of restoring an older piece of wood furniture is exciting, but there are some matters to settle first. One of them has to do with the type of staining in Redding CA that will work best for the project. Here are some points to settle before the restoration work gets underway.

The Condition of the Wood

Before the Staining in Redding CA begins, it pays to take a close look at the wood. Does it need any type of treatment before the staining begins? Maybe there are still some paint remnants trapped in the grain of the wood. Those need to be removed first. Also, it makes sense to determine if the wood needs to be sanded first. Doing so will provide a smoother surface and provides the opportunity to make sure the wood is perfectly clean. Doing so will minimize the potential for bubbles and other blemishes to appear.

The Color of the Stain

Choosing the right stain is also important if the homeowner wants to make sure the piece looks its best. Take a moment and consider where the furniture will be placed once the work is done. What other wood tones are used in that room? Choosing a stain that allows the piece to blend in with the rest will give the space a more unified look.

Keep in mind that stains come in all shades. If there is no other wood in the room at this time, opting for a lighter stain will help make the space seem a little brighter, especially if there is not a lot of natural light in the room. At other times, the goal may be to create a space that is darker and more contemplative, like a home library or office.

The Tastes of the Homeowner

Never underestimate the importance of going with a stain that is to the liking of the owner. It does matter what others have to say. Unless the finished piece is to the liking of the person who will live with it every day, the choice of stain is not right.

For help with choosing and applying stain products, contact us today. It will not take long to find the right solution and turn that old piece into a family treasure.

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