Tips for Choosing Termite Control in New Jersey

If you are New Jersey homeowner, your house is probably your largest investment. Few pests can ruin that investment more quickly than termites. Here are three tips to consider when choosing termite control in New Jersey.

Choose a Good Company

You should seek a reputable extermination service that has been in business a long time. Your exterminator should be insured and bonded. Also, most good pest control  services are members of a professional organization. Membership in the National Pest Control Association, for example, will let you know that your exterminator is up to date on the latest methods for pest control.

Keep in mind that termite control in New Jersey can be particularly difficult given the state’s weather and climate. Be sure to hire a company that understands the unique challenges of pest control in your area. Often this requires working with a business that operates locally or regionally, instead of a large, national company.

Require a Guarantee

Termites are difficult to control and often return to parts of your home that were previously infested. Because of this, you should select an extermination service that will certify its work. Most quality termite control services will provide follow-up visits. With a guarantee of work, you should receive future termite removal at a reduced cost.

Get a Plan in Writing

Your pest control company should be able to provide you with a comprehensive plan, detailing the scope and method of the work. The plan should include a full description of insecticides to be used. This will help you understand any possible health effects. You will also need to understand the nature of any repair work that will be done to your home as part of the termite control.

Termites can be disastrous to any homeowner’s investment. By following these three simple tips, you will ensure that you choose the best company for termite control in New Jersey.

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