Tight Tolerance, Small Hole EDM Drilling

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a method for removing metal. It has been performing such actions for more than 50 years. Today, Sinker EDM and Wire EDM are popular methods of achieving specific goals in machine shops across North America. A newer process is also beginning to make its presence felt. EDM drilling is increasingly preferred for some drilling actions. In fact, small hole EDM drilling is emerging as progressively becoming common practice in certain machine and metal working shops.

EDM Drilling

EDM drilling technology began simply with the EDM hole popper machine. However, this has not proven to be sufficient over the years. One of the forces behind the alterations and advancements of EDM drilling design is the increasing demands of the industries requiring the production of holes in their material. Technological advancements such as those in EDM drilling systems arise because industries want:

 * Smaller holes than previously

 * Exacting precision

 * Holes to be deeper

 * The holes in tougher, harder to penetrate material

The result has been improvements in the basic machinery. These enhance the overall capabilities of EDM drilling machines to produce the right size holes at the perfect depth while retaining the perfect surface. Small hole EDM drilling machinery accomplishes these tasks. In fact, it can produce precise tiny, fine, round holes in the harder metals quickly and consistently – two exacting requirements of many of today’s industrial applications. Companies rely on EDM drilling to provide them with excellent results repeatedly, the specified hole appearing in the exact same place on every component.

Small Hole EDM Drilling

Today’s industries are producing smaller components. They demand complex processes to provide such components with specific attributes or properties. With EDM, this becomes possible. Precision machining applications small hole EDM drilling helps them to fulfill their mandate. This technology offers tight control over the repeated and precise drilling of holes into small components with replicating exactitude on even very tough materials.

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