Three Important Things To Know About Portable Air Conditioners

If you live in an apartment, your central air may not be strong enough. It’s also possible you may not have it at all. One great way to remedy this issue is with a portable air conditioning unit. If you aren’t familiar with portable air conditioners, here are some important questions about them you should know the answer to.

Are They Hard to Install?

A portable air conditioning unit requires zero installation besides simply plugging it into the wall for power. This makes it easy to move from room to room and easy to store when you don’t need to use it. This is a much simpler process than installing a window unit in your apartment.

How Energy Efficient are portable air conditioners?

While most portable ac units are energy efficient, they are each different. To find out how energy efficiency specific unit is, seek out the energy efficiency rating (EER). This is usually listed on the box or in the product description.

How Is the Power Measured?

The power of each portable ac unit is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units. The higher the BTUs, the bigger the area the air conditioner cools. Typically, every 1,000 BTUs represents 100 sq feet of range. There are some portable ac units that can cool an entire two-bedroom apartment.

Don’t hesitate to get a portable air conditioner if you just can’t seem to get your apartment cold enough. This could even be the case if you have central air. For more information about how they can help you, visit

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