Three Important Services A Custom Metal Fabrication Shop Offer

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Metal Fabrication

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Today, many industries require customized work. Custom metal fabrication shops in Cleveland are among those across America who choose to work with their customers in various ways to ensure the production of a product that meets the desired specifications. However, custom jobs demand versatility. They require the ability of a fabrication shop to address one or all of the diverse aspects of providing customers with a customized part or product.

Aspects of Customized Metal Fabrication

The driving force behind what a metal fab shop provides for the customer is the requirements of the customer. The process of producing a customized part can result in minimal or intensive involvement between the two invested parties – the shop and the manufacturer. Among the various services relating to custom metal fabrication are:

 * Design: Shops may arrive at the design through drawings submitted by customers or create one in-house (or employ an off-site company) while consulting with the customer. In either case, the likelihood of using Computer-aided design (CAD) programs is high.

 * Fabrication: This is an area where the shop shines. The process may involve them producing a prototype from a design or using the prototype from a customer to run off the components. Such tasks require shops in Cleveland to consider such processes as

 * Drilling
 * Extrusion
 * Milling
 * Punching
 * Turning
 * Welding:
 * Finishing and Assembly Services: The fab shop may provide such value-added services as finishing and assembling of the components. This may be in addition to or instead of fabricating the part.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Customization focuses on producing a unique item. In Cleveland, many fabrication shops customize as well as offer standard products and services. In incorporating custom metal fabrication services into their standard practice, they are working to increase their market base and expand their metalworking capabilities.

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