Three Groups of Injuries Taken on by a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Washington, PA

Companies typically have certain procedures and protocols in place to protect workers from on-the-job injuries. Even so, accidents and injuries do occur sometimes. Employees who are injured in a work-related accident are usually eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, such as payment of medical bills, catastrophic injury settlements, and compensatory wages, depending on the nature of the injury. Three groups of injuries taken on by a workers’ compensation lawyer in Washington, PA are overexertion, bodily reaction, and trip and fall injuries.

Overexertion Injuries

One group of injuries taken on by a workers’ compensation lawyer are those caused by overexertion. When a person tries pushing, pulling, holding, lifting, or carrying heavy objects beyond their abilities, it leads to overexertion of the body, and with repeated overexertion comes injury. This category of injuries includes things like sprains and strains and it is the most common type of workers’ compensation claim.

Bodily Reaction Injuries

Bodily reaction injuries are also commonly taken on by a workers’ compensation lawyer. The way that a person’s body responds to outside stimulus is known as a bodily reaction. Examples of outside stimuli that can cause a bodily reaction include tripping without falling, remaining in the same position for a long time, bending, climbing, and reaching. These stimuli can lead to injuries such as contusions, sprains, and strains.

Trip and Fall Injuries

The third group of injuries taken on by a workers’ compensation lawyer are those caused by tripping and falling. In a construction or repair job setting, tripping and falling from an upper level to a lower level is a danger. Tripping and falling on the same level can occur as well. In fact, same-level falls can happen on any surface in any job setting. The resulting injuries can include sprains, strains, cuts, punctures, contusions, and fractures.

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