Three Features to Look for When Choosing an Art Program in Chicago, IL

Are you considering art school? Whether you’re a new high school graduate or a practicing artist, art school offers advanced study and practice in your field. However, there are big differences from one program to another, and choosing the right school can be a challenge. Look for these three features of the best art schools when searching for your perfect program.

Creative Environment

The right environment can make or break an art student’s academic career. A talented, diverse student body and experienced, award-winning faculty create a rich environment for aspiring artists to grow. Social activities like clubs and critique groups are also important for developing artistic talent.

Resources and Facilities

One thing that the best art schools have in common is up-to-date facilities and lots of resources for students to use. Look for ample studio space stocked with high-quality equipment and supplies.


The best art program can be worthless if it doesn’t advance your goals. Narrow your search to schools that excel in your field of interest and look for programs that have a history of producing successful artists. Financial opportunities like scholarships and grants are also important.

Are you looking for an art school that has it all? School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides graduate, post-baccalaureate and undergraduate students with the freedom to develop as artists and scholars. Visit their website to explore the program, courses, and campus life.

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